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Electronic signature of documents

In order to speed up user or group sign-ups, we have enabled a feature to electronically sign the forms using AutoFirma, which makes the process quick and simple, or any other application that let you sign documents.

Forms can be signed with a certificate from Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT) or electronic ID card.

Once you receive your application form, follow the following steps:

  1. Sign the form sent to you in PDF (for example, with application AutoFirma). In case of request for user account, the form must be signed both by the user and group or department leader. If it's a group sign-up, the form must be signed by the group leader..
  2. Once you have signed the form you must submit the file generated by the signature process via e-mail.

Once we receive the signed document we will verify the signature and if everything is correct, we will proceed with the signing-up. In case of irregularities they will be notified to you, otherwise.